Sunday, December 25, 2016

Good morning friends and family,

So this morning has been kind of crazy. Elder Carter was supposed to
Skype to his family, but the internet shop owner forgot and we are
kind of just scrambling now. I sure hope that my Skype works tomorrow
when I try to get on. I guess we will see tomorrow when it happens. I
am thinking that I will be able to Skype, but this is still Palawan.
So the internet is going to be very… Not good. So we just need to be
patient. It might come down to me being able to see you, but you can’t
see me, just so we can have a decent conversation. So just bare with
me, besides the fact that I will see all of you soon so no worries.

It has been a GREAT week! We have really had the best week since I
have been here in Palawan. We have TONS of great people we are
teaching right now that are part member families. We have been
focusing in an area called Mainit. It is like a 30 minute tricycle
ride from our house. It is a little far from the church, but it is
around lots of members. There are tons of part member families up
there so we have been trying to find those who are seekers of the
truth. One of them that we talked to is the niece and the nephew of an
RM here in our branch. They are Sis. Abigail and Bro. Ryan Macles.
They are siblings the kid is like 14 and the girl is 13. We taught a
great first lesson about families, read in the Book of Mormon, and
then we invited for baptism! This was all on Saturday. Then, they came
to church yesterday! It was super awesome. I think that should be
baptized. We gave them a day for baptism on February 4, 2017, but of
course that can change depending on their progression. I am very
excited about them. Another family that we have been focusing on is
the OTHER Macles family. So the Macles family is HUGE. There are like
9 kids and they all have their own families. So we are teaching some
of the grand kids and yeah. So this other Macles family is very
special. Their 3 kids, Joel, Morelyn, and Jenny Ann were baptized by
Elder Gibson last December. And now we are working on their parents
and some of their other cousins! It is so hard to explain, maybe I can
explain on Skype and then mom can type it all out haha. Basta.. It is
so awesome. We are really finding some families to teach so that we
can help them be complete and active in the gospel.

So about Christmas… On Saturday night, we were up in Mainit. Which
like I said, is very far away. We were at the Bagyo family. They are
one of those families who are Natibo, meaning they speak a different
dialect and do things a little differently. They are so kind! We went
to their house and watched Joy to the World hooked up to a small DVD
player and then a car battery. It was a very humble but very amazing
experience. They speak like close to zero English so it was hard for
them to understand the video. I translated it a little bit just to
keep them up to date on what is happening. It wasn’t too bad though at
all! I had a good time and then a member came to pick us up. When he
picked us up, we had to get Elder Jones and Elder Reyes in their area
and take them home. When we got there, I had to go and get them in the
house. Of course they invited us in and we started smashing more food
and stuff. So yeah. Lots of food. We got home a little late because of
that… But I mean. Yeah… Hahah.

Christmas day was good! We had 9 investigators at church! That is how
you know that you did well, is based on investigators at church. The
Lord really blessed us this week, and he guided us to those people who
we needed to focus on at this time in their lives. It was a 1 hour
sacrament block, and that was it. We then got to watch the First
Presidency Christmas devotional with the members. After that, we went
home and ate lots of French toast that we made at our house! Then, we
went up to a place called Espanola to work. It was about a 45 minute
shuttle ride to a member that lives there! They fed us heaps ton and
we left full. After that, we rode home and starting cooking our own
food! We had adobo and sisig. We cooked it at the house with the
members. We have like an outdoor kitchen thing that we cooked at. Then
we moved the table and ate! We were SO FULL. We even bought sparkling
cider and had some nice bottled kuwan like that  So it was nice!

I think this was our week in a short email. We had a GREAT week. The
Lord is blessing us at the best time of the year! It has been another
humbling Christmas as we have been here to share the gospel. I have
loved every second of it. Sana we can Skype tomorrow! We shall see.
Love you all and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Elder Lambert

Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

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