Sunday, January 15, 2017

Good morning world,

I guess to start, I would like to wish my sister MCKENNA A HAPPY
BIRTHDAY TODAY! (Or I guess tomorrow for you guys.) But I know it will
be a great day for you ;) Love you!

This was a GREAT week. In terms of progressing investigators, we are
being so blessed by the Lord! We had a great week this week all the
way around. We are really doing what President has asked us in terms
of living what he has as a vision for our mission. This week, we had
12 INVESTIGATORS AT CHURCH. WOW. No words can describe how happy I was
yesterday for that to happen. The Lord is really blessing us here in
Brookes Point. I feel like I am the best missionary at this point.
Which I hope so cause I have been out here for awhile now. My
companion, Elder Corpuz is great. We get along great and we are just
doing so well in terms of teaching. We can both switch and teach just
so well. He has been out for like 16 months now, so we both have a lot
of experience in the mission. The members are even coming forward and
giving us lots of referrals. Which have already come to church!

The best referral that we got this week was the Asandy family. They
are a referral from the Aguilar family. The Aguilar family is so
awesome. Both of the parents served missions back in the day, and
Brother Aguilar is what is called a "barangay captain." So he is
basically just in charge of the whole neighborhood in his area. He
gets paid for it and he knows basically every person who is in that
area. So he can see and knows who would be good people to refer or
bring to church with him. Anyways, so he referred us to the Asandy
family. They came to church twice now. The tatay is a really nice guy.
It cracks me up teaching them because they STRUGGLE WITH TAGALOG. They
speak Natibo... So yeah. My companion and I struggle a little bit in
terms of trying to understand them. I can understand about 30% of what
they are saying. Its almost like I am a new missionary hahaha. It is
kind of fun though. We do our best and the Natibo members help us out
a lot. Some of the members are RM's so it works out nicely. We had a
great lesson focused on the family, and how following a living prophet
can really bless a family and make that family eternal. This family
has a son named Jackson. He is like 22 years old and already wants to
serve a mission. He understands basically EVERYTHING that we teach
them and he kind of helps explain to Tatay what we are trying to say.
Jackson loves everything he is learning so far. We just need to finish
the lessons with him! We are REALLY excited about this family. Also
Ryan and Abigail Macles are doing awesome. I told them that if they
finish 1st Nephi they can have chocolate from the US. So they did it!
They are so awesome and are progressing so well. We just need to make
sure that they can get to church consistently. Then they can be
baptized. We are just doing so well in this area.

Also this week, Elder Baier has his birthday. So a member treated us
to this seafood place here in Brookes. OH MY GOSH IT WAS AMAZING. We
had fresh crab, lobster, papaya, fish EVERYTHING you can think of! We
just like had a feast, I have pics in my other email. It was so nice.
I think Dad will be jealous ;) It was a nice day. The members are so
nice. I think that is where i will have my last meal in the
Philippines ;)

All in all it was a good week. I think that is all that really
happened. Anyways. I love you all and I will send some pics!

Elder Lambert

Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

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