Monday, January 9, 2017

Hi peeps,

So this week was great! I hate to break it to you all, but I am
getting a LITTLE lazy on emails... I wish that I could just send pics
but the internet is just a little too slow to send a good amount. Just
know that I love you all and will send lots of pics if the internet
will let me.

The work this week was the best thus far in the area! We had 6
investigators at church and we got 4 REALLY nice referrals this week.
So we will be contacting those very soon. We are loving the work here
in Brookes. I really love my new companion, Elder Corpuz. He is a
great humble guy that works very hard and we both can split the time
very nicely in our area in terms of teaching. We have been working in
the Mainit area again and just killing it up there. Ryan and Abigail
are doing great as well, we started a challenge that if they read the
Book of Mormon and finish 1 Nephi, then the first one to finish it
gets chocolate from "ibang bansa." That just means chocolate from
another country that they are just obsessed with. I will only just buy
them a big Cadburry chocolate bar. But within 2 days they had both
read like 20 chapters so its working! I really love the growth that we
are having here. The Lord is really blessing us here right now. When I
got here, the area was a little bit dead but it is reviving now! So
yeah. Love you all!

Elder Lambert

Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

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