Monday, January 30, 2017

Good morning world,

Wow. I am just so excited for everything that is happening here in the
mission right now. So many amazing things are happening in our area
AND in the missions all around the world! I have a lot to say and lets
see if I can do it fast and detailed enough...

I will start with what happened on Monday and Tuesday. So we ended up
teaching the Asandy family at a Family Home Evening. The Aguilar
family (that would be the family that gave us the Asandy family as a
referral) hosted an FHE at their house on Monday. We were invited to
attend and share a lesson with all of them. We brought like 5 members
with us as well just to help us with the fellow shipping and all that.
I ended up teaching about a section in Moroni 7. It is kind of hard to
explain what I shared.. So when I get home ya'll can ask me hah.
Anyways, it was a great lesson and we had some fun games that we
played to make it more enjoyable with them. I think they had a good

Tuesday was a full day as well. We attended District meeting and all
that. I am not gonna lie, its not bad that I can just kind of relax
and listen without teaching. That is kind of nice ;) We then went up
to the Mainit area and taught some great lessons up there. We are
having a lot of success up there. The challenge we are having is that
it is just so far, that people have a hard time coming to church. We
just hope and pray that they can have the faith to come to church on
their own. It is just too expensive for us to go and pick them up. We
do our best though :)

Wednesday we had interviews in Narra with President Ostler! That was
another great experience. That was FOR SURE the best interviews that I
have had with him. He told me some great things, about the myself, our
area, and the whole mission. It was just a great uplifting experience
all the way around. We are just doing so well in the area and the Lord
is really blessing us. The best news, is that more than likely,
Brookes my last area ;)

On Thursday we worked again in Mainit. We focused on getting people
and inviting them to the branch FHE and the baptism that we had last
Saturday. The other elders had a great family that was baptized we
were hoping to get some people out to see the ordinance, but it was
either they come to that, or church. Anyways.

Friday we had weekly planning and went out to Espanola, which is like
a 40 minute shuttle ride. We go out there to see our Recent Converts.
We are doing our best to finish up some of the new member lessons with
them. It is kind of an adventure when we have to go out there, but it
is kind of fun. We usually bring a member with us.

Saturday was the day of the baptism. ALOT happened that day. As some
of you may have heard, the missionary daily schedule has changed. They
are giving us much more free agency on what we can do with our time.
It gives us more time to work, and extends our P-Day 2-3 hours. I
think the church is giving us more agency, so that when we go home,
its a smoother transition into reality. Like this morning, we no
longer have morning exercise on Pday, then i had a snack, then I had
my personal study ONLY WEARING SHORTS AND A TSHIRT. Then we showered
and when to the market to get food at like 8. Then we came to the
internet to email. So basically, we just have an extended Pday now
from 8AM-6PM. Lemme tell ya, that is pretty nice. It can potentially
let us wake up at 8 on a normal day, and work until 11 PM. Also, our
daily planning session is now in the mornings instead of at night. So
that is a little weird. We will probably know the official schedule
for our mission at our zone conference on Wednesday in Puerto. So we
are excited for that!

Sunday was a bit of a let down... We only had 4 investigators at
church. I think that lots of people are struggling right now, like
financially. The Asandy family couldn't make it, Ryan and Abigail
couldn't as well. So that was a bit of a let down. We are going to
make sure all of them get to church this week as well. The thing is,
is that we are in Puerto from like Tuesday night, until Thursday night
so that kills our work. We will sure do our best. I think that is all
for that.

Oh yeah. We had a huge FHE with some members last night. We had lots
of people come. Pictures included. I love you all. Hope things are
going well. See you all soon!

Elder Lambert

Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

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