Monday, January 2, 2017

Good Afternoon peeps,

Sorry I am on so late. We went to Mainit Falls in our area! Super
magandang area, and it was awesome. I hope I can send some pics later
in this email when the connection gets better. I hope everyone is
doing alright though. I am loving life and oh yeah, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO

So it wasn't a bad week. Elder Carter actually ended up transferring
this last week to Manila. So that was... Okay :) He is now in Manila.
Elder Jones actually left as well and is in Manila as well. So me and
Elder Reyes are the ones left here. My new companion is Elder Corpuz.
He is from Mindanao, Philippines, from Davao actually. He speaks like
5 different languages so that is pretty crazy. He has been in the
mission for about 15 months now, so he has quite a bit of experience
in the field. I am assuming that he will be my last companion, but you
just never know. Him and I should do very well here, just because we
are both fairly old missionaries. So I look forward to the next few

The work was a little tough this week just because of transfer day and
then having the New Years holiday. Because Elder Jones and Elder
Carter had to leave together, me and Elder Reyes had to cover both
areas for about 2 days. We mostly covered the other area during that
time, so that was rough for the areas we work in. Elder Corpuz got in
the area on Thursday. Anyways. So far we are doing well in our area.
We have been working in Mainit area, and it has been doing very well.
We got to teach Sister Abigail and Brother Ryan again in their area.
They seem to do EVERY assignment that we have them do. Which is
everything you can ask for! The only problem is, is that they didn't
go to church. We aren't sure why. I think it is because their
fellowshipper didn't come to church either, and their house is a
little far, so we need to follow that one up. We taught them about
Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. They both also prayed about it
and know that it is true! We are hoping to have them baptized on
February 4th. Maybe a little earlier. We will see how that one goes. I
am so happy about them and whats even better is that they aren't shy
to open up to us. So yeah. Its going well. I will get a pic next time
with them. We are trying to find more investigators, but a lot of the
people we talk to are Iglesia ni Cristo! Which is just another church
here. The people here tend to live in clumps. Meaning that lots of
Catholics will live in an area, and then Muslim and then Born Again
people. So yeah. We go to these areas and just get straight rejected
haha. It is kind of funny but sometimes it gets a little old. We just
bare testimony and then leave, thats all you can do.

We also had a good New Years! On Saturday we had to go home at 6,
which is super early just because it isn't too safe outside at that
time. After all, this is the Philippines. So what we did, is we just
bought some nice food at the market and made some NICE food! We had
chicken curry and sinigang with pork. It was SO nice. and we bought
like 6 liters of mountain dew and we just... Had a good time:) some
members came over to our house and we just ate food in our garage
thing that we have outside our house. It was a good time. Then at
midnight we ended up on our roof to watch fireworks for like 10
minutes. Even though they weren't very nice. Then we went to bed! It
was the best we could do though ;)

I was very humbled again this week. We were teaching a lesson with
this nanay named Nanay Helen. She is in one of those humble
circumstances that we seem to always see wherever you are. She lives
in a small bamboo house, that is like 5x5. Every time we talked with
her she just kept praising how much we helped her and how through the
Grace of God she gets through life. Which is true, if it wasn't for
him, we can't survive in this life, let alone the life to come. I know
that is true!

I love you all and I will send pics soon. Talk to you sooon!

Elder Lambert

Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

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