Monday, February 13, 2017

Dear World,

It has been a good week. I couldn't complain at all. The work is well,
and we are blessed. I love my companion. I love the area. And I love
this work. All is well. I am a little numb right now, but I guess that
is expected when a missionary gets to this stage of the work. We are
pushing forward though.

This week was good. We had our Pday which was pretty normal. We had
some time to relax which is always nice. We bought some good food and
all that. So yeah. Tuesday we had district meeting and worked all that
day.We have seriously just been working in Mainit, because that is
where the best work is. We are teaching some very humble families out
there. Some of them have seriously like nothing to eat. I feel so bad
and want to help, but I think the biggest help in their life is the
message we bring. We do our best to help build there faith, but
sometimes it is just so hard to get them to church. We coordinated
with the branch about it, and we have a solution hopefully. It will
just take our investigators to put some effort into some things. So we
will see how that goes.

The Asandy family is doing pretty well. At least most of them are.
Tatay was like SO sure he was gonna come to church and then... He
didn't his wife and oldest son Jackson did. They are both doing so
well and understanding everything we teach. Even if Nanay can't read,
she is still progressing well. Bro. Jackson is always listening and
asking great questions as well! I can see him as a great future
missionary. I am excited for him. They finally came to church so now
we can make sure they stay on track to be baptized before I leave. We
have just kind of stopped focusing on Tatay because it is a little
difficult to teach him, but the other two are doing well. So we'll
keep at that.

The other family that we are teaching is the Billion family. And no,
sadly they are not billionaires. They are actually very very poor.
They are doing so well though in lessons! Keeping commitments and all
that and then we are cruising along in lessons. The only other
problem.. Is church attendence. Their concern is similar, and that is
that they have a hard time getting to church. Especially since there
are like 8 or 9 of them that want to come. So we are working that out.
The members are hopefully going to help us out as we continue to teach
them. The issue is, is that if we have members just take them to
church, then they will always rely on the members. When the members
are not taking them to church, then who will take them? They will have
been trained to not have the faith to come to church. So it is like a
balance that needs to be found with helping them, and not helping

The members are working well with us. Bro. Mac Mac (the one who got
his mission call) works with us almost daily. So that is always really
nice to have. I really do love this area a lot. I couldn't have asked
for a better area for me to die in. The Lord is blessing us here right
now. We just need to get a few more people on track and we can have a
few baptisms before I take off. So we look forward to that. Sorry I
have no pics this week... I can't use the USB because it is full of
viruses. So I guess next week na lang! I love you all.

Elder Lambert

Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

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