Monday, February 27, 2017

Good morning world,

So I guess today is P-day so we are emailing this morning. We had
flights and all that yesterday along with a hour shuttle ride back to
Brookes Point so it was a long day of travel, but here we are! Today
we will be going as a district up to Mainit Falls so we are excited,
even if it is our 3rd time going up there. So we look forward to that.

So, last Thursday we had our flight scheduled to go into Manila. We
all requested (as was the idea of President Ostler) to work in former
areas to see some people that we have worked with in the past. So I
requested my first area since it is close to the mission office. Then
we got our assignments and the requests we put in were not granted. My
roommates were assigned in my area and our District Leader was
assigned in our roommates area and then we were assigned in our
District Leader's area. So it was all backwards. Anyways so not gonna
lie I was a little bit sad about that, but it all ended up working out
like always. So we go to the assigned house and then they tell us to
move and then yeah. We ended up in an old missionary house with the 4
of us. My old companion, Elder Panugao slept in that house as well
with us. It was a bit of an adventure because we had no rice, no rice
cooker, and no stove AND we didn't know the surrounding area so it was
a joy to get around hahaha. It was fun though. We worked with the
Elders on Friday in their area. So it was a good time.

Saturday was Elder Bednar! We had a huge mission luncheon on Saturday
before the big conference thing. So we got to see EVERYONE. I
basically walked in and could have started crying. It was the first
time in like 5 years that the whole Manila mission was in one place. I
saw all the homies from Elder Eteaki, Elder Jones, Elder Reber, Elder
Bernard, Elder Reyes, Elder Carter, And yeah. It was just so awesome!
I wanted to get more pics but I had to talk to the office couple about
some going home stuff. So I was a little sad but that is okay. It was
good to see all of them!

After that we went and took a huge mission picture. We had to wait for
Elder Bednar because he was to join us in the picture. While we were
waiting, church security had the idea that someone should start
singing. So one of the sisters with a CRAZY good voice started singing
"I Know That My Redeemer Lives." And then a few of them like blended
in and it was amazing. Then, we all sang "We Thank Thee Oh God for a
Prophet." As soon as we like got through half of it, Elder Bednar
walked in and the spirit FILLED THE ROOM AGAIN. So at this point, you
can all imagine where Elder Lambert was at this point. He was getting
a LITTLE teary eyed. So yeah.  I will never forget about that
experience. I know he is an Apostle of the Lord.

The first thing he said to us was, "Good morning Elders and Sisters,
are you ready to work?" I was super surprised but it turned into a
huge discussion thing with him and us. Some of the stuff he said was
very deep, but exactly what I needed. I am not going to say much about
it, you can ask me in a few weeks. I know everyone wants to know, but
it is just so long I don't have the time. But yeah. Anyways. It was a
good weekend. I love being a missionary. Time is flying. I love you

Elder Lambert

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