Sunday, February 5, 2017

Good Afternoon world,

So first, I was on emails this morning and I had a crazy good email
typed up and I lost it all. So I am really disappointed and honestly a
little lazy now. I will try to sum it up into one email that is
shortened because I have like 15 minutes...

EVER! You have made it 23 years now and you have an entire eternity to
go! The girls and I love you so much and we wouldn't be anything
without you guys. Don't ever forget how much we love you.

So it was a crazy week. We had zone conference and that was super
nice. We got to go to Puerto where I also attended a meeting that has
to do with going home.. So that was a party. We learned about some of
the new missionary rules and stuff and we are having a good time
trying to implement them best. It is a bit of a challenge but we can
do it. We also broke down the Hymn "I Stand All Amazed." I will never
look at that song the same again. It is just a perfect song that
really explains the Atonement so simply. It was a great conference.
Then we had to take a long shuttle home. I also had to say goodbye to
Elder Gibson. He is one of my best friends in the mission. He and I
have been together a lot and he was a great Elder and a good friend. I
sent his pics home.

So we have been struggling with finding time to work. All of these
meetings make it a little bit hard to work effectively. We are doing
our best though. We had a decent week in terms of work. We only had 5
investigators at sacrament and that was a little rough. Most of our
investigators are from member referrals. So that is a HUGE help. I
love the members so much here.

Also on Saturday night Elder and Sister Atkinson called and told me
they were going to be bringing a mission call down to be opened for a
member on Sunday. So we had to organize that. That was a good
emotional time. We enjoyed it. Brother Dandel (MacMac) got called to
the Philippines, Davao mission. So we are excited for him! He leaves
about the same time I go home so yeah thats pretty cool. The Lord is
really blessing us in this area. So I couldn't have asked for anything
better. Also I am super fat right now so  that is pretty cool. I love
you all! And I have nothing to say about the Pats game (; you all know
how I feel.

Elder Lambert

Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

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