Sunday, February 19, 2017

Good morning world,

I hope everyone is doing well. I know that we are. Time seems to be
flying. I don't know what to think about it. Its like a bitter sweet
that is kind of going on in my brain. So yeah. We are just working
hard even though we are super busy. Especially this upcoming week. We
will be in Manila from Thursday night all the way until Monday
morning! Super crazy. It is going to kill the work in our area for
about 5 days. We won't even be able to attend church in Brookes that
day. Rumor has it, that I will be working in my first area while we
are in Manila ;) so lets hope and pray that it is a true rumor! I will
seriously cry for joy if that is the case. Also just a warning for
those of you that still actually wait for my emails on Mondays, that I
don't know which day we will be emailing just because of travel and
all that. Maybe on Tuesday we will be email so I don't quite know yet.

We had another busy week. Tuesday we were in Narra for our zone
meeting. The focus there was about inviting for baptism, since that is
basically our only focus. So that was good. We had no work that day
because of the travel... So that is always tough. Wednesday we ended
up in Mainit again. We are kind of teaching a lot of the same
families. We should probably branch out a bit, but we just get so
wrecked in our travel and all that so it is a little bit tough in
terms of the work. The Billion family is doing as well as they could
be doing. It is seriously so hard for them to come up with the money
to come to church. We can give them the money to go... But that
requires no faith. As soon as we stop giving money, they will stop as
well. So its a touch battle. We counseled in ward council meeting
about it and we will have them come up with the money for the travel
for only half way, and then the branch will pay for the fare so they
can get home. So they will basically have to pay a counterpart type
thing to get to church. We still need to build that faith so they can
come up with the 50% of what they need. In our lesson we tried to
focus on baptism and how it really relates to the Gospel of Jesus
Christ. When we invited for baptism, we got rejected very kindly
hahah. That just tells me that we need to review the Restoration with
them. So hopefully we can work that out within the next 2 days before
we leave. They are so awesome though and they really want to go to
church! We just need to go the extra mile with them. It is going well

The Asandy family is going well too! They came to church yesterday.
They were busy all last week because of festival stuff up in Mainit
but they still came to church so that is a good sign! We are excited
to get them moving along hopefully soon. It is just a little different
approach with them because we are having to teach so simple to them
and Nanay struggles a little bit with some stuff. Hopefully we can get
them moving before I leave. So yeah. Its going well though. Abbigail
and Ryan came to church again and they are doing well as well. They
are both in Mosiah in their BOM reading so couldn't ask for anything

My companion and I are doing well so yeah. The work is great and we
are excited for Elder Bednar coming this week! It is going to be so
good we are going to be blessed. I am also excited to see all my good
friends here in the mission before I go home. Its gonna be good. I
love you all! I will try to send pics soon.

Elder Lambert

Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

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