Sunday, August 23, 2015

Week ~ 16

People they met while on splits!

The Vinculado Family
Their daughter's name is Princess

Another week done. To start, on P-days we play basketball with our district and the Ap's. I suck at basketball but we have fun! We are pretty competitive ha-ha. Its a good time. My nickname is Chicken Curry ha-ha. Because I sometimes wear my Stephen Curry jersey ha-ha. Anyways, yes mom me and Elder Bullock were homies in the mission! He is from Idaho and we were super chill. He gave me a super nice like memory foam pillow. It's amazing. I loved going on exchanges with him ha-ha. 

Anyways, this week was good! Saturday we went on MTC exchanges! A huge batch of Provo missionaries came in on Fridayand then Saturday we took them on exchanges as a zone. Elder Leofo and I each had a companion and we split our area. I went with Elder Kloepfer, he just barely graduated! It was going to be an interesting experience because I lead the area and don't know 100% of what the people are saying! I figure I understand 60% of what people say to me. And I can hopefully respond to what I do understand. We went to brother Boyet and he was washing clothes, so he was busy. Our other appointment fell through as well, so we just talked to tons and tons of people! We OYMed=Open Your Mouth) OYM a group of teenagers and they weren't entirely interested, but they were super chill! They said we could come back and teach them on Wednesday, so we will see how that goes. It was fun though! My companion was so scared to death when he talked, but I know exactly how he feels! I had a good time and I know he learned a lot! 

This week was hard though because a lot of people have "sore eyes." It's what they call it here but it is known to us as pink eye ha-ha. So we struggled teaching the Vinculado family this week, but when we did teach them it was awesome as always! They always have notes and things about their assignment and stuff. They are just so awesome. I hopefully will get pictures of them sent off here soon. Anyways, this week was fun though.

I got my Philippines leathered scriptures back. They are the super small ones and I had the, split into a triple and a bible! Super cool, Very nice during lessons and when we teach about the BOM and the bible. Lots of people here don't think we believe in the bible so I have to show them we do! We are kind of struggling with having progressing investigators, but we keep talking to people! That's how you get more people to teach. I have also been reading in the BOM about Ammon. Flip that guy and the other sons of Mosiah are studs. They are the definition of a good solid faithful missionary. I hope some day I can have even the sliver of faith that they have! But something that brings me comfort is that even they had struggles. And the Lord promised them that as long as they are faithful, he would soften the Lamanites hearts for the gospel! Now I'm not like those guys, with basically a perfect faith. But I sure try! I challenge everyone to build their faith through scripture study and prayer! There is honestly TRUE POWER in the scriptures, and I can testify of that now. I love you all and hope this email was half decent mom;) ha-ha love you nanay! PS these pics are me and my MTC companion and some people we talked to on the street ha-ha. 

Love, Elder Lambert

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