Sunday, August 16, 2015

Week ~ 15

Missionaries from Zone Conference this past week

Here we go. Another one down. A good solid week. We had Zone Conference last week. Which of course was super super good. The "theme" of ZC was obedience and the Atonement. Always good to hear things on that. President Ostler is a stud when it comes to speaking. He really truly loves his missionaries. He almost reminds me of Elder Holland with the way he speaks. We really focused in on becoming a more obedient mission. Which is not a bad thing. Because exact obedience brings miracles! I am seeing those miracles in my mission. Even though I am not exactly obedient because no one is ha-ha. I sure try. We also focused on how to incorporate family history in the work! It is difficult to do because I have never done family history work before. But that's okay. 

We taught the Vinculado family again on Saturday. Right after we went to a baptism for the other ward with them! As soon as the stake president started the actual ordinance, the spirit flooded the room. I looked at Cecil and Mike and they both had huge smiles on their faces! We asked them how they felt about baptism after that, Mike's exact words, "I think its time for us to be baptized." OH FREAK. I just couldn't stop smiling. They are scheduled for sometime in the early weeks of September. We aren't quite sure yet. They missed church because sister was sick. So we will see. They are so ready though. 

On Wednesday we went on exchanges. I went with Elder Moris, he's from Vanuatu. He's a super chill dude. It had rained very hard earlier that morning on our way to start exchanges. Elder Leofo and I (yes that's his name, sorry ha-ha) couldn't get to the other Elder's apartment. We had to get what's called a pedal bike. I don't know if I have a pic, but we squeezed on this thing. Cause my companion is a big guy ha-ha. The driver couldn't get us up a small hill, so i just jumped out into like 2 feet of water ha-ha. And don't worry I bought cheap rubber "dress shoes" so no worries there. It was just a funny adventure. I am more and more excited for our area everyday. 

Last week as well during exchanges, we went to an investigators house. The guy's name is Robert Javier. I have never talked about him before. He is a little crazy and can never stop talking to me about America. Anyways, mine and Elder Leofo's 2nd day together, we talked to his son at the 7/11. And then we went to teach him. we didn't know they were related!? The son is named Fred. Anyways, so on exchanges we went to the Javier house to teach either Fred or Robert. Nanay, (the mom) answered the door and said Fred had died! He was 33 years old! She's like, yeah he was so fat he just died! She hardly cared.. It was kind of sad. So i guess we lost an investigator who was progressing, to death! Pretty sad... But yeah aha. Also we get lots of dinner appointments now because of my companion ha-ha. Pretty awesome! That's about all for this week. I love you all! 

Elder Lambert

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