Monday, August 10, 2015

Week ~ 14

Beautiful View. Awesome Missionaries!!

Elder and Sister Hanson. Apartment overlooking the city.

TWINS!! Obviously... Seriously, this is funny! :) Elder Lambert & Elder Leofo

Dear world, sorry for the crappy email last week. I am trying ha-ha. Our area is looking so good! Not only cause of all the dinner appointments thanks to my Samoan companion, but because of member referrals! This work moves so much faster through members. The Vinculado family who we have been teaching was a member referral. We neglected to teach them WOW about 2 weeks ago... So  their date needs to move about 1 week back. We gave them a pamphlet to read. They both read it that night and they both new they needed to stop drinking coffee! They both told us they were able to pray for help from our Heavenly Father. SO all in all, they are SO ready. They are a little nervous for the interview, but Elder Leofo is the District Leader so it should be good. They are so ready. I'm so excited for them! 

Yesterday at church we received a referral from a ward member to come over that night and teach a family member! She just wants to know the truth, and she knows that our message is true. She already has a strong testimony about prayer and her faith in Jesus Christ is so strong. The spirit was so strong when she spoke about prayer. We have set appointments for tomorrow and Thursday with her! I'm excited for her. On top of that, we have a less active family that lives in our building, the nanay (mom) is LA, but her kids are very active! We were told to come by and teach their maid, Ria. She is 20 years old and she is way shy. She speaks Cebuano... Another dialect here. She understands English kind of. Apparently I have a "thick accent" and use a lot of slang, She noticed how I say words like "mountain" just like how we say it in Utah ha-ha. Its not my fault! So I speak mostly English to her and a little bit of Tagalog. Her Tagalog is about the same as my Tagalog, but my accent sucks so she can't understand me ha-ha. It's very hard for us to teach her but she is always saying she wants more of the gospel! So we do our best and let the spirit do the rest. She came to church yesterday with the WHOLE family that she works for. So that means our lessons are getting investigators and LA to church! The work is really cruising along here.

I really love the ward too. Last Monday we ate at Elder and Sister Hanson's, they're from Lindon, Utah. They made HAWAIIAN HAYSTACKS. ARE YOU SERIOUS!? Just like mom makes! It was so good. They took us up to the top of their huge apartment and you can see all of Manila! So gorgeous. Anyways. This church is true ya'll! Keep smiling and remember that sa pamamagitan ugn panalangin, Ama sa langit, pagsusulot! I don't know how correct that is but the language is getting better slowly! My companion is a boss and we are super close ha-ha. We talk to a lot more people it seems like, which is good! So yeah. Till next week! 

Elder Lambert

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