Monday, August 3, 2015

Week ~ 13

Wow another one down. I might have to be short and sweet because I am short on time. The internet broke so that's cool. 

Anyways, new companion! He's awesome, he's a Samoan from New Zealand! He sure loves to talk and he has a lot in common with me ha-ha. He played rugby of course so that's cool ha-ha. I am excited for our area! We have a lot of work to do. He has been out for a little over a year now so his language is solid! I still suck ha-ha. I will get there.

We have been teaching the Vinculado family still. They are progressing SO well. They have come to church 3 times now. I asked them about how they are feeling about being baptized on the 29th of this month. They said that they have seen a change in their lives since we started visiting! I felt impressed ask them if they have felt their faith grow. Sister Cecil started crying, she said that she never gets emotional over spiritual things, but this time was different! I have seen them go from not really caring too much about the gospel, to coming every week to church and doing every single assignment we give them! I gave them the assignment to read half of Alma 32, brother Mike said he's gonna read all of it so he can fully understand everything! He is such a stud ha-ha. I have a picture of them, except its on my companions camera and its gonna have to wait! I have some from last week though. 

Sorry for the short email. I am super short on time because of the stupid internet shop going down... I love you all and next week I will do better at emailing and pictures! 

Beautiful sunset and view!!

So EXCITED!! He found Dr. Pepper!

Elder Lambert and his new companion were invited to a Baby Shower. They are eating chocolate from a diaper in this pic...

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