Monday, May 9, 2016

I got to Skype today!!

Hello world,

I got to Skype today! So that just basically means that I will be writing a shortish email for the sake of time. This week was great! We had that one week mission thing where the youth worked with us like every day and we actually split because of it. So Elder Webster and I took two groups and went to different parts of the area. We taught some good lessons and the youth got to participate. The youth were super super excited to teach and experience missionary work. So that was good for our area. 

This week we also were able to invite 5 new people for baptism! It always helps to have baptismal dates because they know that we are here for a purpose, not just for bible study. That brought our number to 13 baptismal dates, so we are even looking for a few more this week. Our area is catching fire right now. Which sometimes tends to happen when it gets close to transfer day and Elder Lambert may or may not be transferring. I do know that we have turned this area around in the last few months. The Lord has really blessed us here. 

We also had some people at church yesterday. One of our members committed to bring his house help/maid to church. Her name is Marlene. She asked us for a BOM a couple weeks ago and we set an appointment. She has a baptismal date for like June I believe. She came and had a good experience. We will follow her up tomorrow when we visit her. Sister Melh-Jean didn't show up... So if i transfer, I won't be seeing a baptism in this area. But sister Maricel showed up again! We didn't teach her all week because she stays in at her job. She even brought her friend Julie Anne. We have never met her friend, but she came to church. She showed up in a super shirt dress. It was her first time and i think she knows better now. It was kind of funny though. 

That was about it for this week. It is still bloody hot in the Philippines. So thats a joy. Its all good though! I can go swimming in like a year  

I love you all!

Elder Lambert

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