Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Week ~ 57

Hello po world,

Great week! I really think this week went waaaay better than the past few weeks. We changed some things up to improve ourselves as a companionship, and it went well! It is going really well actually. This last week we had 23 new investigators! Which is I think the most I have ever had in a whole week. We also had 5 investigators at sacrament meeting! Sister Melh-Jean made it! As well as her sister and a couple of her friends! So that was a HUGE blessing for us. We finally are starting to teach them on a consistent basis again, and they are starting to progress. We set a very firm May 28th baptismal date for them, so we will make sure that it happens. They just need to go to church, they know most of the lessons they just HAVE to go to church. We have an update on Sis. Maricel, she has been gone for almost 10 days now! We haven't seen her, she was working in Makati and had no communication with her sister or anyone. So we were discussing whether or not we should drop her, but we didn't know what to do because we don't know her status! So anyways, we didn't teach her all last week and then all of the sudden, SHE SHOWS UP TO CHURCH! She randomly walks in during the closing song! So that was a huge surprise and an even bigger blessing. So we had probably the biggest amount of good investigators at church that I have ever had my whole mission! So that was a huge blessing. We are like killing ourselves in this heat, but we are loving it! We worked really hard this week.

So this week, we were told that our schedule is being changed! It will just make it so we won't be out in the hot sun proselyting, so that is super super nice. We will be starting it this next week, because this week is our ward's "One Week Mission." What that is, is basically all of the youth in our ward will be missionaries for a week! That will mean that they will be assigned companions, study just like a missionary, and work with us every day! I am very excited for all of this. We will be studying with the youth every day at the church (where there is air con) and it will just be awesome! I am super excited about it. It will spice up the work and give the youth opportunities to see how missionaries do things. I am really excited for that, and there is free food everyday haha. So even better!

Can't wait to skype this week! Love you allll. 

PS heres a pic of me and my new rubiks cube that is super hard. and heres a selfie with my sleeping roommates ahaha  

Elder Lambert
Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

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