Monday, May 16, 2016

The Week!!

Yo yo yo peeps. Its been quite the week. Kind of a tough week because we ended up going to the MRC and then we had another appointment on Thursday. So two days of work goneeee. But, we keep moving forward! We are kind of struggling with keeping constant contact with people.

Anyways, so this week we had some interesting experiences. On Friday, we ended up having a member work with us, in an attempt to teach Sister Melh-Jean. We went there, and she wasn't there. No one ever knows where she goes, so we couldn't contact her. This whole week actually, we couldn't contact her. It is super tough to see someone get SO close to being baptized and recieve all of those blessings, but she just can't get over the hump. We also don't know what that hump is sooo. Also, we weren't able to teach to Sister Maricel either. She has been "staying in" at her job in Makati. We had an appointment with her on Saturday, but she wasn't home still. So we prayed and prayed that she would keep her commitment to go to church. So we go to church and she still wasn't there. Last night even, she still wasn't there! So yeah... The struggle hah. We have been trying to keep up with some of these new people we have been teaching. We have 2 new families that we have just started teaching. The one family is very devout "Couples for Christ," which is just another sect of Catholic. They are very "solid" in their faith, but we know that if we keep stopping by they will see how important the message is. Sister didn't want to commit to a time, but we told her we were coming back this next week to share. So hopefully something good happens. We also have this other new family that we taught for the first time last night, who at the beginning wasn't too interested. They are part of the "Dating Daan" religion. That religion is very similar to ours in that the have a prophet and all that. Anyways, so we felt like we should share about the Book of Mormon kasi, I mean come on you can't go wrong with sharing about that. We gave them a copy and told them to read in Moroni and just to pray about it. We will be going back on Thursday to follow up on that. 

So this last Saturday, we taught our most progressing investigator Sister Marlene. She is the maid of one of our members. This member is Brother Rufo Rosario. He is super old but he is of my favorite members to spend time with. Anyways, we taught to her and him on Saturday. She is just barely on the fence for baptism. She wasn't quite sure if she wanted it. Anyways, so she is really reading in the Book of Mormon and committed to come to church. So yesterday we were expecting her to come into church with our member. And we waited... Neither one of them showed up. So we went to see them after church to see what was up. Anyways, they had no driver to drive their car because Brother is 84 and unable to drive. So that was tough. We had some members with us when we went over there. The one member was Brother Henry and the other was Sister Jessa. So we go over there, and Sister Marlene had a story for us. I guess she had prayed the night before, that if the missionaries came by with a member who was a girl, that she would be baptized. So basically she wanted a sign, to know if it was true. So yeah, I guess she saw her sign?! I am not a big fan of all that sign kind of stuff, but I will take it! Sister Marlene and Jessa started hugging and had a tender moment aha. Anyways, she just has to come to church the right amount of times to be baptized. She is doing great though! Keeps all her commitments. 

Also, this last Saturday was national service day here in the Philippines. We sweeped an area over in the Zone Leaders area as a ward. It was a party. We had a big group of us! my companion and I and another member covered like 1/4 of the area that we swept so we killed it! The whole area was MIND BLOWN that 2 white guys were sweeping their area. It was super funny, but a good time. I probably also took my best selfie to date, so ya'll can enjoy that. This next week (the day after my birthday actually) is when we have interviews. So we are planning to really kill it this week in our area. So I look forward to it. 

This weeks funny experience comes from Elder Eteaki. We were hanging out in our room and I hear this super high pitched voice talking. So here's some background: Elder Eteaki is obsessed with BayMax from Big Hero 6, like SUPER obsessed. So he bought this big BayMax balloon and started sucking the helium out of it! It was just super random and funny cause his voice got super super high! He has a super low voice normally so that made it even funnier. 

So this week, we went to a LA family in the area. We actually had no plans about what to share and we ended up just kind of winging it. So we had one of them pick a song to open with, and they chose I Stand All Amazed. So I think its safe to say that we should probably should share about the Atonement. So that's what we went with. We also connected it to Sacrament, because that's the entire reason that we go to church. We were singing that song and I couldn't help but think about the sacrifice that Jesus Christ gave to all of us. And because of that, we can recieve God's mercy. The thing that I have learned in my mission is that mercy and grace aren't some magical thing that we are given. It takes action, and that comes from our inner desire to be better. I have learned so many things in my mission, but having action and the desire to be better is what it takes to make changes in ourselves. Anyways, I know that this church is true. I love you all!

PS theres some selfies from the service project! 

Elder Lambert
Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

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