Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Real One

Alright, this is the real email. It was a a pretty solid week. We did our best to reestablish contact with some of our investigators like Melh-Jean and Maricel. We talked to Maricel on like Wednesday, but when we talked to her we were without a 3rd member working with us. So we weren't able to teach her. She told us that she was going to work on Thursday at her job in Makati and then coming back on Saturday so that she can go to church. We made her pinky promise to be at church this last week. So we were expecting her to make it. Sunday rolls around, and all the members are asking where she is, we have no idea. We went there last night to see what the deal was and she STILL wasn't there. So that was great. I kind of think she isn't being the most honest with us but we will see what happens in the next few days. Yesterday we FINALLY taught Melh-Jean! We had like 3 members with us so that was really awesome. We kind of went into the lessons not knowing exactly what to teach since we taught them like a month ago. So we went in just intending to follow the spirit. We started asking questions. We started with the "Kumusta po Kayo?" question just to see how they are doing. The answer was "not so good." To start with, they have no power in their house because they are unable to pay their bill, so that was probably one reason to her negative answer. We basically shared about trials, and how they shape us into who we are, with a little bit about how turning to the gospel will ALWAYS help us and give us answers. It was a great lesson, and the spirit was so strong. They actually committed to a day and a time for us to come back, so lets hope that it actually happens. We were also able to teach some LAs that we have never been able to teach. They are the family that had their grandpa die last week. They were super cool, just LA now. The mom used to work with the missionaries every day I guess, but now she won't even go to church. I don't know what her concern is, but we have an appointment this Thursday to find out! We also have been doing better at finding. We have some former investigators from the provinces that we are teaching so maybe we can keep that going. We just kind of have a small teaching pool at the moment so we are trying to work on that. 

So this last week, we starting finally discussing with the ward about the one week mission. The one week mission is basically having all of the youth and the YSA work with us for the whole week. We will be studying with them and basically doing everything we can to help them experience missionary work. We are looking forward to it, and hopefully people will actually participate. It will give us some help in the lessons and really just let the youth know what it is like to be a missionary! That will be May 1-7. I guess the ZL are also trying to get President Ostler to come and speak at it too, so that will be really great if that can happen. 

I can't really think of anything else that happened last week. This week we have about 8 set appointments with new people, LA, and dinner appointments  so I really hope that we can have a great week this week. I know we can do it! The Lord is blessing us with some new people to teach, and we just need to focus on getting them to church. The Lord is also blessing us with great ward leaders who really push the work forward. It is just great to see. 

I included some pics of our whole zone! This is kind of old I just have forgotten to send them. Also the other one is me utilizing my selfie stick at the ward FHE  I love you all! 

Elder Lambert
Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

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